Tensions have escalated over a perceived lack of police presence in the Industrial District area south of 7th Street.

7th Street is the border between Central and Newton Divisions.  Central is considered the “Downtown Division” and patrols the area north of 7th, while Newton stretches from 7th Street south to Florence Ave.

Unlawful street activity has increased in recent months in the small pocket of the BID that is in Newton Division.  Business and property owners in that zone are fearful and are voicing their concerns to the BID. The BID convened a meeting attended by more than 60 stakeholders and several high-ranking LAPD officials at the BID offices on March 28th.

LAPD announced the formation of a task force combining resources of both Central and Newton divisions that would provide a more robust police presence in the area between Crocker and Kohler, 7th to 8th streets.

A special email address was also created for stakeholders to provide information to the task force.

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