Our BID security officers are often the first to spot and respond to a host of emergencies. In fact, these emergency responses by BID security have already surpassed last year’s record number of “health and welfare checks.”

These are situations that involve persons in severe physical distress, either from overdose or illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes. The BID officers observe individuals in need of medical attention on sidewalks throughout our district. Our teams are also flagged down by witnesses seeking help for someone who is obviously in pain or not breathing.

In coordination with LA Fire Department dispatchers, our officers have rendered life-saving CPR before paramedics arrive. In 2018, the BID recorded 1,055 health and safety calls. Through September 30, we are already at 1,111 calls.

BID public safety officers are kept just as busy reporting or extinguishing tent fires. Small fires are handled with water or a fire extinguisher. All BID maintenance and security vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers. Unfortunately, these fires spread quickly. Before fire crews arrive, BID security teams do their best to advise individuals in other nearby tents who are often unaware of the danger. BID officers recently awoke a woman inside a flaming tent on Central Ave. She managed to escape moments before her entire tent was engulfed.

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