Over the past three months, the DID BID’s on-demand sidewalk pressure wash service responded to 1,080 calls, a record number (see accompanying DID BID statistics). These service requests spiked by more than 140% as compared to the 452 calls for the third quarter of 2017. Typically the calls are to wash bodily fluids, including feces and urine (human and animal), vomit or blood from sidewalks.

Unlike other BIDs that pressure wash entire lengths of sidewalks, the Industrial BID can target only specific locations due to the overwhelming number of persons living in sidewalk encampments. Our teams work around the tents in consideration of this.

To respond to the increased call load, the BID Clean Team will upgrade its pressure wash equipment next quarter. We plan to acquire a larger water tank to respond to more calls by enabling the pressure wash truck to refill the water tank fewer times reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

BID staff pressure washing to clean the sidewalk.
BID staff pressure washing to clean the sidewalk.
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