Given the types and magnitude of recent incidents in the district, especially the tent fires and now typhus, several articles in mainstream media have been written. While most are local in the Downtown News or Los Angeles Times, one appeared in the Washington Post. In each one the DID BID has been quoted, cementing our position as the go-to source for comment.

The Los Angeles Downtown News has been covering the tent fires with at least the two articles linked below.

The July 5 article featured the uptick in the number and damage from fires this year citing the District’s statistics. The paper also included the following quote: “Tent fires are constant,” said Estela Lopez, executive director of the Industrial District BID. “It is only getting more prevalent now, to the point where business owners are expressing very real concerns about what the threat is.” As well it mentioned the BID’s response; “Lopez said that …BID security and maintenance trucks have been outfitted with fire extinguishers, so that if workers see something on fire, they can try to put it out quickly.”

The Downtown News followed up on July 16, noting that “the rash of conflagrations is one of the most pressing dangers facing Downtown Los Angeles, with the potential for truly devastating destruction.”
The article again cited the DID BID’s fire tracking statistics.

On July 24, The Washington Post wrote of the same issue, quoting, “In the name of compassion, the city has fundamentally abdicated its responsibility to provide for the safety of the general public in this area,” said Estela Lopez, executive director of the L.A. Downtown Industrial District Business Improvement District.

This article is unpublished.