The Industrial District BID regularly tracks a number of security and maintenance statistics, with selected indicators as shown below.

Tons of Trash Collected - July – September 2018

For the summer months of 2018, the District experienced rising trash, with a total of 450 tons collected, 14% higher than third quarter 2017, and continuing the pattern of higher trash volume each month of 2018 than the same month last year.

Pressure Wash Requests - July – September 2018

Pressure washings continue to soar this year with 1,080 washings this quarter compared 452 in the 3rd Quarter of 2017, a 140% spike and also up from the 954 requests this past quarter. The BID provides pressure washing services now upon request, to mitigate public health hazards from bodily fluids and waste on sidewalks and in business doorways.

Graffiti Removed - 2018 YTD

Graffiti removal continued to edge up during the summer months reaching 107 in September and totaling 291 removals for the third quarter.

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